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AI chat in any product

Use Cord's Message API and UI components to build your own chatbot or AI Assistant quickly, and with minimal code. Pair it with your preferred model, such as Chat GPT, to unlock the power of large language models and add new features to your product.


With Cord, you can have a multi-person chat where everyone can interact with the chatbot. Invite someone to this page:

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Feature-rich chat

Get powerful features, including in-context annotations, @mentions, threaded comments, and file uploads out of the box.

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Customizable UI

Match the design to your system, including fonts, colors, and sizes, using CSS. Add custom hover states, animations & more.

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Secure by design

With full SOC2 audit compliance and secure development practices, Cord is a great choice for security-conscious teams.

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Integrate seamlessly

JavaScript libraries, server-to-server APIs, and webhook callbacks enable you to make Cord a core part of your product.

Want to build a chatbot or AI Assistant? Get started now with Cord.