Hi, we're Cord 👋 We're changing the way people work

We're a team of developer-centric engineers, designers, and product people who believe that when teams can talk where they work, something magical happens.

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Our mission

We're all familiar with Figma and Notion's stories. 0 to 4 million users in a few years. Competitors decimated in the process. And it all boils down to one, simple fact: Teams want to talk where they work.

We call this multiplayer collaboration, and we're on a mission to make it easier for product teams to make their products multiplayer. This way, users are more productive and stay engaged and retained. They invite their team, and fight to keep your tool in their stack.

Win-win for everyone.

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Our customers

We’ve loved helping customers like monday.com, BILL, ThoughtSpot, and Stoplight re-imagine their products while saving valuable time and money.

Cord’s SDK has helped product teams across industries – from scrappy start-ups to multi-billionaire dollar companies – add collaborative features like chat, comments, and notifications to their product in just a few lines of code. Check out Spendflo and trumpet’s story to see the impact quantified.

Inspired? Start building!

A list of Cord's customers, including Monday.com

"Cord’s SDK allowed us to launch a better product, faster. Implementation was seamless, it was easy to customize, and our customers love being able to collaborate in-app."

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Noam Ackerman
Entrepreneur in Residence, monday.com

Our investors

We raised $17.5 million in our Series A, and are backed by some of the world’s leading investors, including Index (Notion, Figma, Pitch), NfX (Lyft, Doordash), Elad Gil (Stripe, Notion, Clubhouse), Guy Podjarny (Snyk), and more.

Index Ventures, Stride.vc, and NfX back Cord

Our team

We’re a team of engineers, designers, and product people, who have worked at leading companies including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Lyft. We're natural-born tinkerers, and wouldn't be offended if you called us product-obsessed.

We’ve worked hard to build a company and create an environment we’ve always wanted to work at. To us, that means no unnecessary thrash, no all-nighters, no needless meetings. Family friendly and pro team.

Good news…we’re hiring!

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