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Developers love building with Cord's comprehensive SDK for messaging and collaboration. Cut your development time by months and deliver big feature wins for your users with our pre-built UI Elements, fully customizable Primitives, and flexible APIs.

Code snippets show the code that powers page presence

Rich Components

Every feature you need to engage your users with incredible chat and collaborative experiences out-of-the-box

UI Primitives

UI Primitives

Composable, lower-level components you can customize to create the exact functionality you need


Powerful APIs

JavaScript and REST APIs that give you the power to build rich integrations and trigger custom workflows and notifications

Discover the SDK

Let our Co-Founder and CTO, Jackson, walk you through what Cord’s SDK offers, and what you can build with our rich Elements, UI Primitives, and powerful APIs

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"I had 15 minutes before my next meeting and figured I'd give Cord a shot. 7 minutes later I had chat integrated into my page. Felt almost too good to be true."

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Pre-built Elements

Cord’s one-and-done UI components give you everything you need to add features like commenting, presence, and notifications to your product in seconds.

A comment thread featuring messages from two different people and a text composer.

Single Conversation Thread

Add a message composer and display conversations anywhere in your product. This component includes everything users need for a rich commenting experience out-of-the box: @mentions, file attachments, emoji reactions, and the ability to edit, delete, and resolve messages.

A comment thread between three people, showcasing replies inline and a text composer.

Threaded Comments Element

Create an all-in-one threaded commenting experience for your users that allows them to react and reply in-line. Use this to show all the conversations happening in a specific location, or create a comment section like YouTube’s or Reddit’s.

A notification list with three timestamped notification and the option to mark all as read.

Notification Center

Give users a view of all the recent activity relevant to them in one place. Notifications are timestamped and appear in a scrolling list where they can review/update read states, archive, and easily navigate to the place in your product where the conversation is happening.

A facile showing four avatars, including a tooltip to highlight who is "Viewing Now".

Page Presence

Use page presence to show the avatars of users who are (or have been) present on a particular page. Last visit tool tips show who’s viewing the page now, and when others were last online, and it’s easy-as-pie to customize identity details like usernames and avatars.

Customizable UI Primitives

Want more control over your UX? Cord’s UI primitives are composable, lower-level components that you can pair with our APIs and JS hooks to create the exact functionality you need.

All of Cord's primitives like Composer, Message, Avatar, and Reactions

Mix and match UI primitives like pins, message composers, notifications, and facepiles and combine them with our client-side JavaScript SDK to build completely unique experiences for your customers.

Cord still takes care of everything behind the scenes, like badging logic and real-time messaging updates, but you can use CSS to quickly and easily customize every element of the UX.

Looking for some inspiration?

APIs for everything

Great real-time products need to be responsive and integrated with other tools teams use. Use Cord’s client-side JavaScript library, REST APIs, and webhooks to create experiences your customers will go to bat for.

A list of the JS APIs and Hooks in Cord's SDK

JavaScript APIs

Subscribe to real-time updates whenever a new message is sent or notification is triggered, and use our client-side JavaScript library to push data from the server to your browser to build your own custom UI and workflows.

A list of REST endpoints available in Cord's API


Read and write message data to integrate Cord into your customer support platform, project management tool, or Slack. You can even connect Cord to an LLM to add an AI chatbot to your product with a 10/10 UX from day one.

Try our demo apps

Experience for yourself what’s possible with Cord’s SDK. Try our demo apps below and visit our example library to get your hands on open-source code and start building.

Several comments from different users on a single frame of a video, and in multiple places on the video progress bar.

Videos and media

Drop comments exactly where you want on a particular timestamp, frame, or pixel, and display comments in the right place, at the right time, without cluttering the screen. Even if there are multiple comments at the same location.

A document in the style of Google Docs with comments on various bits of highlighted text. Each comment features an avatar, name, timestamp, and text composer to reply.

Documents, CRMs, and CMSs

See how much easier it is to give feedback and edit text with comments that support @mentions, attachments and markdown. Share the link with someone else to collaborate in real-time.

A comment thread in a whiteboard canvas alongside a timestamped notifications list.

Canvas and whiteboards

Play around on our infinite canvas to see how we've combined our Elements, UI Primitives, and APIs to create a seamless commenting and notification system.

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