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We are Cord ( Our full company name is Radical HQ Ltd, and our registered office is located in the United Kingdom.

If you would like to contact us with a question about how we use your data, you can do this is by sending us an email at

Why do we collect data?

We may use your personal information to permit the operational functioning of Cord and features thereof (“business purposes”). In this case, your personal information will be processed in such a fashion that is necessary and proportionate to the business purpose for which it was collected, and strictly within the limits of compatible operational purposes.

We may also use your personal information for other reasons such as for commercial purposes, as well as for complying with the law and defending our rights before the competent authorities in case our rights and interests are threatened or we suffer actual damage.

In particular, we use your personal information for the following purposes:

  1. Enable user to user communication
  2. To enforce our terms and conditions and policies
  3. To provide the service and fulfil your requests about it
  4. To protect our rights and interests, or those of all our Users
  5. To protect our safety, and those of all our Users or third
  6. To detect any malicious, deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal activity, and prosecute those responsible for that activity
  7. To respond to law enforcement requests, as required by the law, court orders or other governmental authorities
  8. To detect security incidents and fix them
  9. To debug Cord in order to identify and repair errors that impair existing intended functionality
  10. To undertake internal research for technological development as well as for constant verification and improvement of the quality and safety of Cord and the Service
  11. To faciliate the account creation and logon process
  12. To answer your assistance inquiries and your contact requests, including those related to the exercise of your privacy rights
  13. To communicate with you, through the means described in Cord, about any news, offers, events or other initiatives regarding our service
  14. To request feedback and post testimonials
  15. To perform analyses about the use of Cord
  16. To audit and improve your interactions with Cord and concurrent transactions thereof
  17. To facilitate using our product
  18. Notifications from our product, including about product updates or changes to the terms of service or privacy policy, or from communications sent to you by other users as permitted by our policies
  19. For all other purposes as described when we collect your personal information on Cord

What data do we collect?

  • Internet Information: Browser Make & Version, Browsing Behavior, Device Used, Links Clicked, IP Address, Message Transcripts, Third-Party Tokens, Website Content
  • Identifiers: Email Address, Picture / Photo, Name, Job Title, Company Name, IP Address, Message Transcripts
  • Biometrics: Picture / Photo
  • Employment Information: Job Title, Company Name

Who do we share this data with?

  • Analytics & UX Providers
  • Authentication Providers
  • Cloud Hosting Providers
  • CRM Software
  • Email Marketing Platforms
  • Website Optimization Platforms
  • Customer Support Software
  • Communication Platforms
  • Form Builders

Legal Basis

We collect personal information based on a number of legal basis including:

How do we collect this data?

We obtain your personal information when you provide it to us (e.g., where you contact us via email or telephone, or by any other means). For example, you directly provide your personal information through your submissions or requests made via

We also receive personal information indirectly when you navigate, as personal information about you and usage details are automatically observed and collected (such as device type, operating system, browser type, browser settings, IP address, language settings, dates and times of connecting to and other technical communications information).

In particular, we collect your personal information from:

  • Forms
  • Analytics tools & Software
  • Surveys

Where is your data stored and how long do we keep it?

We store your data in United Kingdom and United States of America

We will only retain your personal information for as long as we need it.

We consider the nature, sensitivity and purpose we collected your data for when deciding when it’s time to delete it. We will in some cases keep your data for longer periods of time than necessary for the original purpose we collected it for if we need to do this to meet our legal, accounting or regulatory requirements.

What are my rights?

  1. Access your personal data (also known as a “subject access request”)
  2. Correct incomplete or inaccurate data we hold about you
  3. Ask us to erase the personal data we hold about you
  4. Ask us to restrict our handling of your personal data
  5. Ask us to transfer your personal data to a third party
  6. Object to how we are using your personal data
  7. Withdraw your consent to us handling your personal data

To exercise the rights described above, you need to submit your verifiable request to us by: writing us an email at the contact details provided in this document, or, if it is the case, follow the specific instructions provided on

Transfer of Assets

If our business is sold, we will transfer the personal information we hold about you to the buyer of our business. We do this because we have a legitimate interest to ensure that our business can be continued by the buyer.

Transfers outside of the EU

Whenever we transfer your personal information outside of the UK and the EU, we ensure it receives additional protection as required by law. To keep this privacy policy as short and easy to understand as possible, we haven’t set out the specific circumstances when each of these protection measures are used. You can contact us at for more detail on this.

Questions, Comments or More details

We’ve worked hard to create a notice that’s easy to read and clear. But if you feel that we have overlooked an important perspective or used language which you think we could improve, please let us know by email at Your feedback and suggestions on this notice are welcome. This privacy policy was last updated on 2022-06-09.

Changes to this notice

We may change or update this Notice periodically. When we do, we will post the revised Notice on this web page indicating when the Notice was “Last Updated.”


Jun 9th, 2022