Demos and open source examples

Everything you need to re-imagine your product. Try them on your own or share the link to collaborate in real-time.

An image of a dashboard tool showing a bar graph, a comment is show next to a data point.

Dashboard and charts

Transform your Business Intelligence tool or analytics platform by letting users talk about data points in-context. Easily annotate charts, graphs, and cells in spreadsheets.

An image of a video player with comments overlaid on specific areas. You can see more people have left comments on the video timeline.

Videos and media

An ace video commenting experience in a few lines of code. Users can drop comments exactly where and when they want, without cluttering the screen.

An image of a canvas overlaid with comments on the different shapes drawn on the canvas.

Interactive Canvas

Build a rich commenting experience on an infinite canvas, with movable objects and comments that attach to them. Ideal for whiteboards, design tools, and mapping and architectural applications.

An image of a text editor with comments inline

Documents and text

Love the commenting experience in Google Docs? Re-create it! See live presence, rich commenting, and the power of CSS in action.

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Live demos

Share the link with a friend (or two) to experience the power of collaboration for yourself. Leave, edit, and resolve comments, react with emojis, and manage notifications in real-time.

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Open source code

See exactly how we built each experience and even edit the code directly in the demo. Open in CodeSandbox to test before implementing, and use our GitHub repos for step-by-step instructions.

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Figma templates

Make sure features like chat, page presence, and notifications match your UX and don't feel like an add-on. Mock-up a quick proof of concept and keep designers, engineers, and the rest of the team on the same page.