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A thread on a bar chart shows two people discussing a specific data point in-context.

Financial planning & analysis

Dashboards without context are meaningless. Ensure alignment and clarity by letting analysts and decision makers talk about data directly in your product.

Cord enables data analysis for

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A comment thread and live cursors show a CFO and Analyst discussing a particular cell in a spreadsheet related to ARR.

Optimize business performance through collaboration. Challenge assumptions, find gaps in reasoning, and collect alternative points of view for better analysis.

  • Annotate charts and tables to ask questions or give feedback instead of taking screenshots and sharing commentary in disparate Slack channels and email chains
  • By keeping conversations about data attached to the data itself, teams can easily reference previous analysis and decisions to save time and ensure accuracy
  • Make async easier. Automatically send screenshots to users when they’re @mentioned so it’s clear exactly what’s being talked about

"We highly recommend Cord to other Product Managers and Developers. The long-term value we derive from the price we pay is incredible."

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Ajay Vardhan
Co-Founder and CTO, Spendflo

Cord is trusted by

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Make it easier for sales, finance, legal, and infosecurity teams to get work done by making your product the central hub of cross-organizational communication.

  • Eliminate the need for Slack and email messages with rich commenting features that support file attachments. @mention stakeholders with updates, attach NDAs, and resolve threads when the job’s done.
  • Build rich integrations with the workflow automation tools your teams are already using. Trigger custom notifications, mirror messages, create tasks, and more.
  • Ensure sensitive data is safe. Cord’s SDK was built from the ground up with security by design, and we have a SOC 2 Type II certification to prove it.
A series of comments shows one person suggesting an edit to an NDA and another person attaching a signed copy of the NDA, before resolving the thread.


When marketing teams collaborate over Slack and email, context gets lost, campaigns take longer to launch, and mistakes can be made. There’s a better way.

Two marketers - depicted via avatars - collaborate on an email newsletter via an in-app commenting features.

Adding rich, real-time collaboration to your email marketing platform, CMS, or social media planner will help you drive seat expansion and delight your customers.

  • Allow content managers to @mention designers exactly where assets are needed. This way, they can see the request in-context and have easy access to important information like dimensions.
  • Annotations and notifications make it easy for teams to track feedback, resolve suggestions, and get final approval before anything is published
  • Save time by QA’ing monthly newsletters in real-time with page presence to see who’s working where, and when

"Our customers love being able to chat with key stakeholders directly in their pods — even if they’re away from their computer — and we see how much more quickly deals progress as a result. The value is undeniable."

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Rory Sadler
Co-Founder and CEO, trumpet

Sales automation

Email ping pong is frustrating for both buyers and sellers. Context gets lost and it’s difficult to track engagement. Change how sales teams interact with prospects.

Cord enables sales for

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Transform buyer journeys and bring people on both sides of the deal together with built-in chat and collaboration.

  • Give prospects and sales teams a way to ask and answer questions directly in your product. Easily attach pricing proposals and contracts, @mention relevant stakeholders, and boost engagement with emoji reactions.
  • Use live presence to see if and when a prospect has been active on a page. This helps sales teams tailor outreach and connect with prospects when they’re actively engaged.
  • Track and organize conversations in CRMs like Hubspot and Pipedrive using Cord’s Events API to make reporting and analysis easier than ever
A diagram shows how Cord's SDK can bring sales teams and prospects together in sales automation tools.

Productivity & design

Coordinating tasks and managing feedback is a losing game when information and resources are spread across different applications and surfaces.

Cord is integrated into

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Live cursors, avatars, and a comment show how designers, engineers, and product managers can collaborate inside design and productivity tools.

Enhance project management and inspire creativity with features that bring people together. Shorten feedback loops, drive seat expansion, and help teams do their best work.

  • Use annotations in documents, canvases, tables, dashboards, and videos to gather feedback in-context, and @mentions to invite new users into your product. Use this open-source code to create a Figma-like commenting experience designers love.
  • Avoid duplication of effort and maintain momentum by showing who’s working where and when with live typing indicators, live cursors, and last visit tooltip
  • Make it easy for users to keep track of tasks and stay on top of their to-dos by resolving (and unresolving) messages in their inbox

"Our CEO couldn't believe how fast we got to something fully-baked and super powerful. It would have taken us years to have built this in-house."

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Noam Ackerman
Entrepreneur in Residence, monday.com


Collaboration is essential when code is involved. Use Cord’s SDK to facilitate better workflows and delight developers and IT teams.

Build, test, release, and monitor without screenshots, Slack messages, or ⌘+Tab-ing between apps.

  • Let developers and IT teams chat where they’re working to ensure context is never lost. Annotate text, charts, and tables, or chat in real-time with in-app messaging that supports file attachments and markdown.
  • Build rich integrations with tools teams are already using like Jira, Asana, and Linear so teams can create and manage tickets without leaving your product
  • Comments become a paper trail and make your product a one-stop-shop for questions, decisions, and documents. This makes it faster and easier for someone to independently troubleshoot the same issue next time.
Image of a chart titled 'crash free sessions'. Two points in time are annotated, one reading "Upgraded EC2 from med to large". Live cursors and avatars show SREs and engineers working together.

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