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New Cord pricing plans for easier access to our collaboration SDK

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Blog cover showing a selection of powerful price plans for Cord's SDK

Pricing updates aren’t usually good news, but that’s not the case here. From today we’re simplifying our model for every customer and launching new plans which will make it easier to get the most out of our collaboration tools.

Cord pricing is now defined by Monthly Active Users

Previously, Cord usage was defined by the number of organizations (customers) that our users were serving. This made sense in theory–when you make money, we make money. There’s no negative margin towards customer expansion and everyone is invested in the same goal: maximizing feature adoption.

When we started building Cord, we made some assumptions about what you would be building. Customer support tooling perhaps; collaborative dashboards for analytics; productivity and design platforms. You have built those things–we continue to be blown away by your creative integrations and the engagement rates our features are achieving in your products. Cord is a great solution for products which enable collaborative working.

But every day we speak to clients who have demonstrated that the potential applications of Cord far exceed the expectations we had when we launched the SDK. End users of Cord are not only B2B SaaS consumers, but communities and individuals too. We’ve been adopted by a collaborative onchain art app, community investment platforms, even a hub for wedding planners to communicate with their clients. The projects developers are building with Cord are far more diverse than we first realized was possible. It’s time to open the door a little wider.

We’ve come to realize that our current price plans don’t fully suit the broad range of products we’re now supporting. By forcing Cord developers to define a customer in the API, we ignored a significant segment of potential adopters. Assigning customers is far too complex for anyone outside of the traditional B2B SaaS use case.

With this in mind, we’re making it easier for every one of our clients to track the value of their Cord plans by introducing monthly active users (MAUs) as our new usage metric.

Removing the launch barrier with new self-serve plans

We’ve also launched a new self-serve offering which comprises two plans with generous limits. These plans are radically less expensive in several elements.

We’re a product built by developers, for developers, so holding a high barrier to experimentation and testing just doesn’t make sense. From today it will be far easier to launch Cord in your product and observe the impact on users without committing to a paid subscription.


Our new Starter plan is a great option for pre-revenue developers who are getting started building a PoC or smaller scale application. Starter can be deployed at no cost on 1 Cord project for up to 5,000 MAUs, so early-stage products will now be able to test and launch a real world application using Cord for free.


The Pro tier includes an allowance of up to 25,000 MAUs at $100 per month and up to 5 projects for staging, testing and additional applications. Pro also allows you to remove the “Powered by Cord” footer from email notifications to your users.


A custom Premium plan is also available, which combines custom MAUs and volume discounts with best-in-class support and security offerings, and extra features.

Full details of our new plans are on the Cord pricing page. You can sign up to get started right away and manage billing from the Cord console.