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September Product Round-Up | Cord Changelog

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A graphic showing chat messages with reactions and the text "What's New? September Product Round-Up"

We’re back to our regularly scheduled program after our hackathon update last month, and we have a lot to share from our changelog. See what’s new with Cord below…

Add Figma-style live cursors to your app

While it’s always been easy to add page presence to your product with Cord’s SDK, now you can add live cursors, too. This single component displays an avatar and name for each user, can be dropped anywhere in your app, and automatically syncs across different screen sizes.

While there are dozens of use cases for this feature, it’s especially useful for design and productivity tools, infinite canvases, and other apps that enable people to collaboratively create or edit something.

Try a live demo, and check out the complete source code of Github.

Quickly and easily look at threads, messages, users, and orgs straight from Cord’s dev console

If you’re an existing customer who doesn’t want to rely on API calls to inspect existing data…you’re in luck. We’ve made a series of updates that make our console even more dev-friendly.

Cord's console

Spoiler alert: You can also do this in the terminal. See #3 in this update.

We’ve also reduced the number of steps required for new developers to start building with Cord. Instead of needing to set-up the backend first, you can just go to the console, copy an auth token, and paste it in their frontend. Job done!

Sign-up now to get started for free.

Automate and batch without the faff, using Cord’s CLI

Tedious and monotonous tasks like exporting user data for weekly reports just got a lot easier.

We’ve launched a new command line tool that interacts with our REST API so that developers don’t have to manually authenticate (and re-authenticate) each and every request. All you have to do is call the command, and all the appropriate headers are added.

It’s easy to set up and intuitive to use. Learn more here.

Play with our new demo apps

Notice anything new about our website? You should! Take a spin around, and make sure to play with our new demo apps for documents, dashboards, and videos.

For each demo, you can see exactly how we built the experience, and even edit the code directly. Open in CodeSandbox to test it out, or check out our GitHub repos for step-by-step instructions on how to build a similar (or identical!) experience in your product.

Start building with Cord + Next.JS or Remix (FAST!)

Want to get real-time chat and presence up and running locally with a single command? Check out our Next.JS template.

Next.JS starter pack

Events webhook endpoints are built-in, and an authentication token is automatically created.

P.s. Using Remix instead? We have a starter pack for that, too.

We’ve added support for Python 🐍

Our new Python SDK makes it easy for developers using Python in the backend to create authentication tokens for our server and client. Just install the SDK and use the functions directly. No need to understand the inner workings of JSon Web Tokens (JWTs).

Bonus: The SDK also contains sample code of the API calls needed to sync users and organizations.

As a reminder, we already support interfacing with our server via Go, Java, and Javascript.

For the second year in a row, Cord is SOC 2 Type 2 certified 🔒

We take data privacy and protection seriously, and we have (another) SOC 2 Type II certification to prove it!

Learn more here, and if you’re interested in viewing the report, please contact us.

Stay in touch

That’s it for this month! If you’re an existing customer who wants to learn more about any of these updates, get in touch.

If you’re new here, you can learn more about Cord and see if collaboration is right for your product here, get started for free here or book a demo here. And if you want to keep up with Cord and our ever-evolving product, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.